About us

We're sick of run of the mill stuff. No more cookie-cutters.

That's what the quest for all things - independent designers, handcrafted quality pieces for individuals -  is about.

 A label for all things (accessories) one of a kind.  One-of-a-kind designer jewelry, adornments, lifestyle plushes. Celebrate the novelty, celebrate You-niqueness, celebrate individuality! 

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 One of a Kind Designer Jewelry Ranges

We offer and represent an extensive range of independently designed jewelry that are one of a kind.

Something like grandma's signature cookies, carrot soup.
It just doesn't taste any better than home made, hand made. Nowhere else.

Limited Merchandise

Most items are one-off pieces, making their owners, proud, unique collectors. Not to mention a unique gift value for him or her. Or any of your loved ones. therefore what's sold is sold, no longer in stock.

Shop with us and taste, revel the meaning of uniqueness.

We believe that....... every piece of accessory, garment, trinket tells a story. Like the tiny jewelry that completes your outfit with the finishing touch; garments that express your physical/ emotional moods and personality - making the unique entity that you are, yourself!

Our Flava Revamping the traditional, living the neo-classical, making your Granny's chakiahs fashionable, backend stuff, supporting cottage industries etc. blending the East & West in contemporary times ala oriental chic style. Oxymoronic. But it is safe to say we find alternatives to the mainstream cookie-cutter stuff that outfit a person in style and uniqueness.

We design and produce a portion of the products. Others are sourced from different parts of the globe (we love travelling & trend-spotting).The understated, the obscure - but stylish. We like to think that providing alternatives are quintessential to a bright new world, and that you, invaribly, would like this in your flava. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to email us.

Online store and collaborative information resource.

Yet, we are more than just decadent beauty. Hoard is an online column, e-zine & information resource about fashion, trends and dressing up. What's in this season? How to accessorize & complement for that finished touch? What goes and doesn't with your red pumps . Colors. Stay tuned to Hoard Gazette Blog & join our mailing list - share our passion for lookin' good & livin' it up!

Hoard is about an eye for beauty, design & aesthetics. We hope to be involved in collaborative projects with content producers..writers, designers, photographers & everyday people like you & I who have things to share. From time to time we feature whats in on the streets; fashionistas, funky-mamas, casual chic chicks, stylish classic etc.. Check out our Street Gallery collage of pictures. Hoard... is about living it up and staying true to yourself. Staying true to your personal story, your personal flavour.