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by admin on April 15, 2012

We’re estatic to announce that after a long hiatus, Hoard is back a with a new face!

We’ve got a new blog in order www.hoardshoponline.com/blog

The old blog www.hoardgazette.blogspot.com which has been discontinued and all new posts & updates to Hoardshop www.hoardshoponline.com will be hosted here.


If you’re new to us, you can find out more about us here

Hoard still continues to bring One of a Kind Designer Jewelry to the marketplace


Hoard Shop Online - Logo

Our staple of jewelry & accessories have been designed & handpicked specially and they are only available in limited pieces (2-3 pieces max).  This is to ensure the you-niqueness factor & that we continue to stay in line of our motto of “no cookie-cutters”.


Styles range from work wear, evening wear & occasions, casual, novelty/designer collections & more.

Welcome & happy shopping.

Remember that items are in limited quantities while stocks lasts – so Hoard the Good Stuff!

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